Tovi Sorga contactless cuffs powered by bPay

bPay partners with accessories brand Tovi Sorga

Bristol-based leather accessories brand Tovi Sorga has teamed up with bPay to offer fashionistas stylish leather cuffs that contain the tiny contactless payment chip. Like all bPay devices, the cuffs enable customers to make quick, secure contactless payments of £30 and under at over 400,000 locations across the UK.

The cuffs are hand-crafted by designer Tovi Sorga himself on a vintage sewing machine, using exquisitely printed and responsibly sourced leather. The bPay powered wallet cuffs are available in 15 designs, from metallic and neon leathers to classic florals.

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Tovi Sorga Contactless Ciffs

Leather bracelets with a secret inner pocket which can hold the bPay chip. These beautiful wallet cuffs make an ideal accessory.

Tovi Sorga Contactless Ciffs

There’s a range of designs available for men and women. Easily match your outfit with over 15 different styles.

Tovi Sorga Contactless Ciffs

All designs are printed directly onto the leather. Each design is printed onto soft cow hide and backed with black leather.

Tovi Sorga Contactless Ciffs

Beautiful, handcrafted leather plus convenient contactless payments using the bPay pre-paid account.

get started with your new contactless cuff

Setting up your new Tovi Sorga contactless cuff is easy. Follow the below instructions to get started.

How to setup a Tovi Sorga Cuff